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  • I wrote a program I hope you find interesting that will let you look for planets orbiting distant stars (this won't run in a web browser since it needs external files to process): http://smallbasic.com/program/?CVD801

    Don't forget to go through the code and uncomment all "File." lines since the SB uploader comments them out.

    This software lets you see the light intensity of a particular star observed by the Kepler space telescope, which stays focused on thousands of individual stars for years.  If a planet gets in front of a star, the star will dim by a tiny amount, and will be seen here.  A huge amount of data is observed since a light sample is taken every minute.  You must download and process these observations to be read into this software and I generated a 3 year long one already for you:


    This is the light intensity data for star K-22, which has been found to have a Earth size planet in an Earth like orbit around an Earth like sun, and estimated to have close to Earth temperatures. 

    Download the zip file, extract it into a folder, maybe "\K22" under your source code folder, and check that the variable pathToDataFiles matches where you put it. 

    K-22's first planet eclipse is at Julian day 2455256 (also shown on the display as relative day 423).  See if you can find the second eclipse.  Amazing eh?

    Details on how you can get more stars is at the end of the source code.

    Let me know if you find anything interesting!

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