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  • Hi All,

    I am working on assignment for .NET project requiring Obfuscation, here we are working on specific modules comprising 12 dll's(all of .NET dll's), I need clarification on few aspects related to .NET Obfuscation of Dll's (since I am new to providing obfuscation for .NET dll's).

    Using Dotfuscator tool (professional editon 4.5v) in GUI Standalone mode,

    1. How we need to ensure obfuscation of dll in release mode., since, the dll obfuscation to be effected in Debug mode, could not the same dll's hold good in release mode too ?

    I heard the Debug mode would be discarded by the Obfuscation tool(DotFuscator tool).

    2. If multiple binaries are output by the build for same assembly/module.,

    assuming C:\MyProject\Updatedll\Bin\UpdateDll1.dll   and similarly C:\MyProject\SubProject\MinorUpdate\UpdateDll1.dll  both these dll's are one and same, but when I build the project using DotObfuscator, I need to run the tasks again for above dll's(UpdateDll1.dll) if could it be uniquely handled ?

    3. What are procedures/steps to load/build assemblies of dll's only instead of exe's in DotObfuscator tool.

    Details: VS 2010 IDE, Windows 7 O/S. Using Perforce Version control tool.

    Any help in resolving the above would be much appreciable.

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    Wednesday, August 14, 2013 2:02 PM


  • Hello,

    Welcome to MSDN forum.

    From your description, I know that you encounter some issue about Obfuscation of code for .NET Dll's using Dotfuscator, Obfuscator is not Microsoft product, which is a  third – party  free product  in visual studio , Dotfuscator is offered as a family of tools that allow you to take advantage of the powerful .NET platform without worrying about protecting your intellectual property, You could try PreEmptive Solutions Dotfuscator which is the leading .NET Obfuscator, Compactor and Watermarker that helps protect programs against reverse engineering while making them smaller and more efficient. Dotfuscator Professional Edition is designed to stop even the best of decompilers from producing useful output. It provides comprehensive and efficient .NET code development and deployment.

    About it’s code obfuscation technology and introduction, please check:

    (Dotfuscator Gets Better (and still FREE) in Visual Studio 2010)
    (The Dotfuscator Solution)
    (Dotfuscator Community Edition 4.0)

    In addition, you can refer this  Dotfuscator Support  that provide  Dotfuscator Support  .

    Hope them helpful



    Lilia Gong

    MSDN Community Support

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    Monday, August 19, 2013 11:16 AM