App Removed from the Store, I just don't know what went wrong


  • In July I have published a game on Windows Store, but in the August's end it has been removed with a vague explanation. In the email the support says that the game has been removed for violation of terms and conditions of the Windows Store, but in dashboard is indicated a generic "problem". Sorry for my bad english, but i try to answer at the mail from the italian support, and i try to ask a question in italian community, but i don't have received responses in both cases, the game is also distributed in USA (and other store not only Italy). I want to know what is going wrong in my game, so that they can fix it.

    I don't have used any material covered by copyright, only program open source or free version, the game has passed the app certification. thanks for any help or tips.

    Wednesday, September 3, 2014 4:34 PM

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