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    We are working with AS for some time. We are using OWC as front end. I would like to display in the pivottable attributes of the dimension that  are coming from the OLTP. For instance. I have a pivottable sales, customer by time. Next to the customer name I would like to have a column with his phone number and another with his address. Is something like that possible? [I am not concerned about the roll up - the information should only be displayed at leaf level]

    To complicate the scenario, I would like to have an additional column called projection. Where the user can edit/add yearly projections for that customer. Any idea how to implement something like that?


    Monday, June 12, 2006 9:43 PM


  • There are two problems you should recognize in here.

    One is how to define your Analysis Services cube to include addtional information about customer phone nuber and address. For this, take a look at AdventureWorks sample project installed as part of SQL Server setup. Take a look at the Customer dimension and see how Phone and other attributes defined there.

    Second, is the problem on how to display customer information in your application. BI Dev studio is using OWC as well. You can drag Customer dimension on Rows in cube browser. Drill down to the lowest level (Customer). Now right click on any member on the lowest level and select "Show properties in the report->Select All properties" and you will see all of the Customer's properties.

    To be able to modify AS data directly in your application, it should support "writeback" feature. Basically it needs to know how to submit changes back to Analysis Serivices. Take a look if OWC supports writing data back to Analysis Services.

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    Wednesday, June 14, 2006 12:58 AM