Encoding.ASCII Decoder returns ? for value RRS feed

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  • Okay,

    So I don't know if this was always the behavior, i tend to expect it wasn't but maybe my memory is faulty.

    A while back I created a login structure that would cypher text the password string internally, so that I could save the "string" to a registry or XML file simply, and still be able to de-crypt the value.  HOwever, at the time, I was coming from a much lesser understanding of .Net, and was often quite frustrated at the string/char/byte delineation. 

    So, my theory was to automate a lot of processes.  pass in a string. String.ToAscii() (extension) uses Encoding.ASCII.GetEncoder, to convert the string to an array of bytes. Using a simple XOR methodology, very archaic and not very secure I know, but at the time will dissuade most cavalier users, i convert the bytes in the array to new values.  I then take those bytes and run them through a Encoding.ASCII.GetDecoder() to get the "characters" from those bytes and turn them into a string. 

    Now, I remember testing this when I wrote (a few years ago) and never had a problem.  But now, I've gone back to this code and suddenly had a use for it, and instead of reinventing my own wheel, i decided to use my login structure, and this process (most specifically the ASCII Decoder) is turning the "byte array" into a string of question marks "????????".  The ? (ascii 192) is not character 205.  but the decoder is mucking up the works here.  Why is this?  When did the ASCII decoder not simply take a byte (from 0 to 255) and turn it into a character value?

    This is most disconcerting and I would like to have the Encoder/Decoder work directly.  I woudl understand if I was using UTF 8 or UTF16 or something, but this is ASCII.  there are 255 characters in the ASCII table, and I can just as simply use CHR(#) to get the character representation of the value, so why doesn't the Encoding.Decoder for the ASCIIEncoding do the same?


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    Thursday, February 9, 2012 11:39 AM


  • Your assumption ascii is 8 bits is wrong, standard ascii is only 7 bits (0-127), any value you feed the AsciiEncoder class over 127 will return a '?' since it's not defined in the standard.
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