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  • Let me tell you what happened. My computer had a pop up that stated it had a virus and I needed to call tech support right away. So I did. I call tech support - they helped me for the next 5 hours of the night and downloaded the firewall and IP address protection. They removed the viruses and I went on my way. I noticed my computer lagging, freezing, and not allowing me to watch netflix or go throughout my day. I called them the next day - a gentleman got on my computer (remote access) and had mentioned that the firewall seemed to be downloaded incorrectly and could have caused another virus on my computer. He looked through my computer - removed some files and I went on my way. Nothing was fix. I called back and the tech support no longer could access my computer from there side. They made me try this over 15 times... repeatedly until I yelled at them that clearly this wasn't resolving anything and they needed to figure out another solution to get on my computer. No one was able to access my computer. So, they walked me through on how to restore my computer to remove this fireware and protection. The restore did not work and was unsuccess. I told the gentleman that my computer was still freezing up and lagging. He told me that it could be a speed thing - he made me run a speed test. I did this and they stated my download speed was terribly slow and they would need to monitor it for 24 hours. no call from them for 10 days. At this point i go somewhere else and have my computer looked at. I call up the tech support to get a refund from this product - because I am wiping my computer and taking it off. She pester me about allowing someone there do it for me. I repeatedly tell them I do not want anyone from there company to touch my computer, i asked for the billing dept. They had the nerve to tell me they would only refund my 1/4th of the money because they already used most of the money on tech support and downloading the software. I even told the guy - i paid $199.99 for the software itself - how are you only refunding me $150.00. he continued to argue with me. i asked for a supervisor. he told me he was the supervisor. he tried explaining to me how the support staff used some od the money and tools to download the software (THAT I WILL NO LONGER BE USING BECAUSE IT MESSED UP COMPUTER) and a gentleman there stated another tech downloaded it wrong. he told me - he would be listening to the recording of the call. have at it. - ass holes. this company sucks and their technicians are pushy and stupid. 
    Saturday, July 15, 2017 2:18 AM