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  • My computer have been reacting really werid lately. I think it has a bug. My computer freezes every time you open too much programs or hear music or go on youtube. Latley it just have been lagging really bad. sometimes when it freeze you could move the mouse but you cannot click anything. Also when you log off or switch users it takes really long. Whats wrong with my computer? Can anyone post a download to fix this? please help me tell me everything you know. =] thanks
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  • Which Operating System?
    Do you have an anti-virus software installed?
    Which Browser are you using?

    Sometime running "Disk Clean" up and "Disk Defragmenter" can help.  If you are primarily encountering slow internet browsing sometimes clearing your cache can speed things up.

    Let me know the answers to some of the questions above and I could give you some better advice.
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  • Freeze-ups can have several causes, most of them hardware, especially if
    there is no blue screen error. It could be video driver related, in which
    case simply installing an updated set from the display adapter manufacturer
    is the solution. There is also the chance that the issue is malware, in
    which case cleaning the system in Safe mode is a good place to start.

    However, those things represent the smaller percentage of the possible
    problems. More often, it's memory, power supply, motherboard, or other
    hardware. First thing I would suggest is to run the memory diagnostic (just
    type it into the start/search line to begin). Next would be a drive
    diagnostic, these are usually from the manufacturer to download and use.
    Beyond that, you'll need a technician if you don't know much about swapping

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