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    We've got a problem using WSE2


    Situation: We have a device (PC or some such) that has a smart client installed.

    The smart client makes various requests to a web service hosted on one of our servers accessible to the internet.  We're using WSE2 SP3 to authenticate the devices and secure the communications.  The devices on which the smart client is installed may have to have its time zone set to GMT +1, although the windows based time can be changed to any time - we have no control over this situation. 


    So we want to configure the web services and smart client to be tolerant of these time and time zone mismatches.  At the moment if we set the following:


    in the web service and set the smart client to:



    Then the application worked fine for time zone GMT+1 and any time set according to the time zone or in the future - but failed for GMT+1 with a time in past (in GMT terms)



    Does anyone know how we can set a tolerance that works forwards and back?



    Tuesday, February 12, 2008 5:02 PM