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  • I found a wiki at smallbasic.com but it was really basic -- no way to log in or create a username, there's practically no documentation on Small Basic methods or objects.  For instance, squares can't use GetRandomNumber, you can't Move the GraphicsWindow, etc.  But these things aren't in the wiki and I'm not even sure how to go about adding new pages for anything, let alone new pages for the base classes or methods.  Additionally, all pages of every language are lumped together in one giant clump, as though we all could understand each language, instead of putting each language's pages in a separate subwiki with all the other pages of that language (while allowing transwiki links for concepts that aren't explained yet in that language).

    I have no idea what this screwturn thing is -- surely MediaWiki would be far more robust and, well, actually usable.  From what I can tell, no, screwturn doesn't work.

    The only thing I've found so far that explains some Small Basic things are the PowerPoint presentations, which required me to download the PowerPoint player, which then doesn't allow me to see the whole slide at once, I have to just keep clicking "Next" over and over and over to get to where I wanted to be to review a particular concept.

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