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  • We are in the process of building a BizTalk adaptor that will expose the messaging layer of our software to biztalk.  We need to guarantee that any message that comes from our system is published to the message box. Our first thought was to propose two biztalk servers running Active/Active.  This would give us guaranteed message delviery and high availability.   The problem with this approach is that because more than 1 BizTalk server is required we need to run BizTalk enterprise and 2 licenses of BizTalk enterprise can be expensive for some of our smaller customers.


    It was recommended that we implement our custom adaptor as a BizTalkIsolatedHost adaptor which would allow it to publish directly to the message box  - even if the BizTalk server was down.  This apporach would allow us to implement with a single BizTalk Professional license.  We would then would need to cluster IIS so that we had failover for the adaptor. 


    Is there any reason why this would not be a good approach?


    Thanks in advance,  Kevin

    Monday, June 16, 2008 8:53 PM

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  • It sounds like there are a couple areas you may want to be careful about. I can definitely understand the licensing difficulties in having more than one BizTalk license. The challenges with clustering IIS is that you will want to be sure that the failover works appropriately and that a BizTalk Isolated Host failure event causes the cluster to failover. I am not a cluster administrator guru but I think it possible to configure a cluster resource (such as the isolated host service) so that if one fails then the cluster should failover. The isolated host will run under a different account so you will just want to make sure it has all of the appropriate permissions.




    Tuesday, June 17, 2008 4:08 PM