NetShareSetInfo gives error ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER RRS feed

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  • I am doing like this:

    PSHARE_INFO_502 BufPtr;

    res = NetShareGetInfo((CComBSTR)strComputer,lpszShare,502,(LPBYTE *) &BufPtr;

    get BufPtr successfully with res=0.But when I put the same BufPtr like below code:

    res = NetShareSetInfo((CComBSTR)strComputer,lpszShare,502, (LPBYTE)&BufPtr, &parm_err);

    It gives error with the value of (parm_err = 501 which is SHARE_FILE_SD_PARMNUM(shi502_security_descriptor).

    so please tell me what's wrong with this security descriptor.

    Monday, September 29, 2014 10:21 AM