How to migrate or move a tradional Sql Database (.bak) to Azure Sql Database RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I am new to Sql server Azure and currently our servers and databases are hosted in Sql Azure Infrastructure(IAAS)We are considering migration to use Azure Sql database (PAAS) and started a testing a few of our DB for compatibility.

    Most of our Databases have cross referencing Objects (views, Stored procs, etc) and when I try to create a bacpac of  a database to export to our Azure container, it fails" with the many errors all in connection with "Unresolved External reference of objects" outside of the Database schema".

    I can not move hundreds to external objects to the database because it will change the database schema entirely, the second recommendation given is to use Azure elastic database pool, which I created but do not know how it works..

    I have followed several step by step guidelines Microsoft provides for migration traditional databases to Azure sql database but none has worked.


    1. How can I create a bacpac of my database with so much unresolved external object referencing errors usinf SSMS Tasks?

    2. How do I export a database with cross referencing objects to Azure and how can I restore that database to the empty azure sql database.

    3. How is Azure elastic database pool used to resolve " "Unresolved External reference of objects" error.

    Please help or provide some resources if you have ever had to migrate a traditional database to Azure Sql database

    Thank You

    Monday, December 11, 2017 8:39 PM