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  • As I am considering buying Business scorecard manager soon, and since it is an expensive piece of software I would appreciate someone either confirming the issues I am having... or correcting me if I am wrong. If i can get these issues sorted out then Microsoft, you defintely have a sale!

    Firstly, Am I right in thinking business scorecard manager does not work with more than one dimension attribute from a dimension? For example, if I take the time hierarchy to be a year - month hierarchy from a dimension and put that in the column members of a dimensioned scorecard, and I add the branch attribute, from the same dimension, to the row members (so that I would have the data divided up into the different branches down the left hand side) then business scorecard manager produces a meaningless table.

    If I seperate the time hierarchy and put it in a dimension of its own then the table produced is correct.

    Is this a bug or is that behavior intended? Is it bad practice to do what I did originally, and if so, why?

    Secondly, I am wondering whether I've missed something regarding the seemingly very limited filtering options in business scorecard manager builder. I can add one member of a dimension attribute to a list, and the data will be filtered so that only data with that property will be shown. Re-using my previous example; I could use this so that only data from a particular branch is shown however, what if I wanted to show data relating to 2 branches... or all branches excluding a particular branch? The type of functionality I was expecting for filtering was similar to the method used in the olap cube browser found in SSAS 2005.

    On top of the seemingly limited filtering, there seems to exist a problem very similar to the first that I described, where if try to filter data using a dimension attribute from a dimension that I have used elsewhere (e.g. I have put a dimension attribute from this dimension in the row members of the scorecard) then the data displayed is meaninglesss

    This seems very restrictive! I can imagine people would want to display information on customers by region and they might want to filter it down to only view one country. Those 2 dimension attributes should surly both be in the same dimension (as they are in the adventureworks database).. and im sure there are many other scenarios.

    Finally, if my scorecard is dimensioned, then, as in the examples, it is usual to put a time hierarchy in the column members and another dimension attribute (which i learned must be from a different dimension!) in the row members, as far as I can tell.

    The data shown in that table is based on a kpi(s). Which in turn are usually linked to a data source.

    The question I'm trying to ask is why I am forced to either select current and pevious values or the lag for current and previous values, when, if the scorecard is dimensioned, I could choose any values there and it would make no difference, or is this not the case? I would expect to be able to leave that part blank if its not applicable!

    If its possible to get all these issues resolved, then I will definitely buy this product very soon.

    BTW, I don't know if I have posted this in the right forum, however when I searched for Business scorecard manager, this was the only place it seemed to be mentioned

    Thanks in advance


    Wednesday, July 26, 2006 3:21 PM


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  • Hi,

    I am facing similar retsrictions with my scoarecard that I am trying to build to report sales data.

    Did you find any solution to this? it would realy help if you have any updates for handling this



    Friday, July 28, 2006 5:31 AM
  • Hi

    We are building a scorecard to report the sales. We need the rows to display the time, ie., by year, quarter and month. And the columns to display the autaul sales and its target values for a particular time dimension.My datasource is SSAS cubes. Is there a way by which I get the Actual and the target value for a year and by drilling it will I get the values for a quarter for a particular year, and by drilling through the particular quarter, will I get the values for the month of that particular year and quarter.I get all the values in the format that I wanted in my cube.
     Can I achieve the same using Business scorecard.

    I have created 3 KPI's. One for year, one for Quarter and another for Month. After adding them to my scorecard and editing them, when I publish it to share point I get the correct values for the actuals and targets for a particular year, but for a quarter, the aggregation is done for all the years, ie., for 1st quarter it aggregates for all the years and similarly for te oter 3 quarters..Similarly for month, it aggregates the 1st month value for all the years and so on.. And moreover I don’t get a drill through..

    Can you suggest me how to solve my problem


    Friday, July 28, 2006 6:49 PM
  • Here are few good resources that you can access on Business Scorecard Manager:

    http://blogs.msdn.com/bsm/ (Microsoft BSM blog with lots of great info)

    http://msdn.microsoft.com/newsgroups/default.aspx?dg=microsoft.public.office.businessscorecardmanager&lang=en&cr=US (BSM support newsgroup)

    The newsgroup is monitored by the product team, so you should be able to get the information that you need there.

    -brenda (ISV Buddy Team)

    Monday, July 31, 2006 4:25 PM