Printing Azimuth, Elevation, Roll RRS feed

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  • from a previous thread, i came across:

    EnumIndexableCollection<FeaturePoint, Vector3DF> facePoints3D = frame.Get3DShape();
    int index = 0;
    foreach (Vector3DF vector in facePoints3D)
        Debug.WriteLine(string.Format("{0}: ({1}, {2}, {3})", index++, vector.X, vector.Y, vector.Z));

    what would i have to return from frame.Get3DShape() to access:


    as in: IFTModel::Get3DShape Method (search MSDN)

    edit: i realize you use roll,pitch, and yaw as your convention...this is for head-tracking research in psychoacoustics where azimuth, elevation, and roll is likely used because of conventions Jens Blauert's book "Spatial Hearing"
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  • ok so far i've got something working.

    i inserted the following into FaceTracker.cs (from WPF C# basic face tracking project)

    line ~703 in my file,   (right after  this.startOrContinueTrackingStopwatch.Start()): in the bottom-most Track method:

    if (this.trackSucceeded)
    hr = this.faceTrackerInteropPtr.ContinueTracking(ref    
        faceTrackSensorData, headPointsObj,    
    System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine("Azimuth: " + this.frame.Rotation.Y);

     i would also like to setup a Timer object to poll the object at a specified rate like a serial port

    i should also re-iterate, i am not a developer. i'm a researcher, and i'm pretty good with matlab and max/msp but not with real / horrid C# programming, so thank you for your help.

    also, for whatever reason, Rotation.Y = azimuth (imagine a westerner shaking her head saying "no")

                                              Rotation.X = elevation (yes/no), Rotation.Z = roll (tilting head

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