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  • I was wondering if anyone knows of any books that are in the works that teach how to make games for Windows 8 and WP8. I know a little bit of C++ and went to school for game programming and simulation but unfortunately it was still a new program and didn't concentrate on using C++ in game programming courses besides my AI class which we used Lua and Graphics class that we had to do both OpenGL and DirectX at the same time. The other classes used either Torque or whatever other program you wanted to use which I didn't like too much. I really wished there was a concentration that built upon what was learned in the C++ classes to make games. Anyways, if anyone knows of any books coming out for Windows 8/WP8 I'd appreciate it and if there is any good books that break everything down in simple terms to make games with C++/DirectX I'd appreciate that as well.
    Saturday, October 6, 2012 3:04 AM

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