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    I'm used to working with treeview but not sure if I can accomplish what I need...I'm actually trying to create a dynamic treeview structrue but using <ul> <li> nested tags....the <li> tag will have a few attributes added based on the node (whether it's a folder or an actual file...)...example is below:

    <li data-active="false" data-id="2" data-type="pdf" data-path="https://some.path.com/filename.doc" style=""><i class="fileicon fas fa-file-pdf"></i><span>FileReport.pdf</span></li>

    Is there an asp.net control besides treeview that has the <ul> <li> elements?  I can use repeater I believe but how do I make it dynamic?  Parent REpetear control would have the top <ul> tab but then each <li> could have nested <ul> which could have nested tags etc.... there is no limit to how deep the structure can be so it needs to be fully dyanmic.

    Wednesday, September 23, 2020 4:10 PM

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