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  • I'm somewhat new to Visual Studio and .NET and I'm a little confused on data sources and their purpose.  (eg. what I'm referring to is the menu option Data --> Show Data Sources)


    From here it looks like you can create DataSets which contain DataTables and get their data from TableAdapters.  Is that right?


    Why is it then when I have my data source (.XSD file) in my project, that I can't refer to my DataSet/data source?  I thought by using the Data Source Designer that I was creating DataSets, DataTables, and TableAdapters that I could directly in my code?


    Can somebody explain this?  Is there any good documentation online?  (I couldn't find any)


    NOTE: I know that if I select my data source as a databinding source that all of my data source objects get populated on my form but I'm wondering why they aren't available by default once I have the data source in my project (.XSD file).


    Thanks for any help!



    Monday, December 1, 2008 6:42 PM