HELP - RESCUE A DAMSEL IN DISTRESS - I have an error code 0x97 showing on the LED panel of my Epson WF-4630 Pro all-in-one printer combination RRS feed

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  • Last week, a computer hsrd.yahoo.com virus that hijacks browser and reads personal data infected my computer.  Neither Charter Internet services or their security software team at F-Secure helped.  I finally downloaded Kaspersky and it seemed to get rid of the problem.  This particular virus works around security software.

    This week, my printer started printing only the top 1/4 of the sheet and then saying to turn the printer on and off (done many, many times with switch and unplugging) but that didn't help.  The error code is: 0x97 - according to Epson it's just too bad the printer is 10 days out of warranty (my bad, I accidentally let the deadline to get extended service pass me by...)  They claim it is a hardware error and requires dismantling the machine to fix it - however online I have seen that it is a problem with corrupted files in windows 8.1.  

    I now have a $250 door stop...ARGH! I cannot afford to buy a new printer at this time and my usual repair go-to on youtube.com has absolutely no information on the problem.  There are however many, many instances of this exact same problem with error code 0x97 found upon doing a google search.

    I would be sincerely grateful if you could share your time and expertise in helping me fix this problem so I don't have to spend my rent money on a new machine.

    I think it is software related because it follows directly on the heels of the hsrd.yahoo.com virus.

    Monday, August 24, 2015 3:08 AM