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    I'm trying to implement frame stepping following the following MSDN example:


    while using the sample grabber sink:



    I am able to seek to a specific point in time in a video file, but unable to step to the next frame following the documented comment:

    The application can perform frame stepping by setting the playback rate to zero and then passing a PROPVARIANT that is set to VT_EMPTY in the call to IMFMediaSession::Start.


    I also never receive the MESessionScrubSampleComplete event when I perform the scrubbing operation.

    I really need to be able to implement frame stepping.    If I block in the IMFSampleGrabberSinkCallback::OnProcessSample function is this acceptable to perform frame stepping?   Does the entire pipeline block when this function is called?


    Does any have any suggestions?




    Monday, October 24, 2011 11:38 PM

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  • Update:

    MESessionScrubSampleComplete  will get sent if you use  MFCreateVideoRendererActivate function and do not use a IMFSampleGrabberSinkCallback.

    I guess the renderer must send this event, not the framework.

    Monday, October 31, 2011 3:55 PM