Forum Information Displays "disappear" RRS feed

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  • When the forums are first loaded, the category title groupings appear, and the topic groups within those titles appear along with the "this forum is for... discuss these types of issues here" etc etc.  As I start to scroll down the page a bit, the information about the forums start to disappear in little groups making it impossible to figure out what the forum is for.  To make matters worst, quite often the actual forum "grouping" title disappears as well making it next to impossible to figure out what section I am in.

    Sections that are just at the bottom of the "scroll" will usually maintain their display information until I start to scroll again and then they start disappearing as well.  When I refresh the webpage, I can see these areas again for about 1/4 of a second as the page refreshes and then they disappear again, so I know that the info is still there.  How the heck can I figure out where I need to be?

    I use IE6 because it works.  I am on XP with SP2 because it works.  A long time ago I tried IE7 and hated it (my system has since been reformatted and xp re-installed) and I refuse to use IE8 because its so full of bugs.  Whats the scoop???
    Sunday, April 12, 2009 2:32 PM