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  • I am working on a public facing sharepoint server and I need to be able to get a couple of lists to dynamically do a 1 way pull from another sharepoint server. Is there any way to do this without having to export and import data?

    Currently I have Designer on the site that I am building and Contributer on the site that I need to pull information off of. The two things that i need to pull down are a project list with the staff working on the list, and a copy of the calendar. Also if possible the calendar would need to have data entries dynamically changed in one of the fields if possible.

    If needed I can add steps into the process but I am required to keep it as dynamic between the two sites as possible. Basically whenever the boss or one of the other employees changes something on the internal site it needs to change on the external site.

    One of the main reasons why I think everything is breaking is that I only have office 2003 and it does not know how to properly integrate with sharepoint 2007.

    So far I have only tried working on the calendar. I have tried to export it to excel but that breaks all the recuring events, which in this case means that it breaks 100% of the events in the calendar. I have also tried to link the calendars to my outlook and copy them but outlook, or atleast outlook 2003 can only view them as read only and can not make changes. Finally i have tried to at least test the option to save it as a template and upload but I do not have the roles needed to save the template from the source and I can not find where to use the template on the external site that I have designer on.
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