SSRS Expression Help!!!


  • How do I create this expression in the FX "=SUM(F2:F512)/SUM(E2:E512)" ?

    The F Column is   "=E2*C2"

    Here is what I have and it is an #Error:

    =Sum(Fields!CurrentRoomNights.Value * Fields!TotalAverageLOS.Value)/Sum(Fields!CurrentRoomNights.Value)

    Friday, February 9, 2018 9:15 PM


  • like this

    =IIf(Sum(val(Fields!CurrentRoomNights.Value)) > 0,Sum(val(Fields!CurrentRoomNights.Value) * val(Fields!TotalAverageLOS.Value))/IIf(Sum(val(Fields!CurrentRoomNights.Value)) >0, Sum(val(Fields!CurrentRoomNights.Value)),1),0)

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