Coded ui - Add/Create Custom Automation Property


  • Hi,

    How can I easily add custom property for Coded UI
    I want to use/add other properties than the one defined in AutomationProperies (i.e HelpText, ItemStatus,...) , so I will be able to Bind them to my WPF application.
    I read the article :

    and it require a lot of maintence due to changes in the application.
    Is there a simpler way to add custom automation property that "behave" as a defined one?

    I mean that I want to "save/expose" properties of a control in the AutomationProperties.XXX so I will be able to check them.
    for instance, I want to check the color of a control and if it change due to a certain action,
    currently I save this information, the color of the control, in "AutomationProperties.HelpText"
    I would like to be able to save it in "AutomationProperties.MyProperty".

    Tuesday, December 10, 2013 9:46 AM