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    Hi, I am developing a wap application with asp mobile. I have a problem that makes me crazy. The wap application is ready. I have tried it with Explorer and runs fine but when I try with any cellphone this is what happens: I have a login deck with three cards one for user and password, other for show errors and the last for a small splash. I write the user and password to be validated. If validaton is right, the splash card is shown and then other deck (default.aspx) is called. First time, application runs right, but when I log-off, the next time I try to log-on, the application tries call default.aspx validation fails and it show me login card. The application could create somethig (cookies?). Do anyone have any idea? thank you very much. iAtreyu I am sorry but my english. I am spanish.
    Monday, April 5, 2004 7:33 AM

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    i think u face a problem of not setting the expiration settings(Response.Expire), or cache

    u should read about this topic in asp.net pages expiration, cache


    but, I have aproblem, i should set my wap gateway on a server,

    really i installed and configured it but i doesn't work, when using my cell phone, it sayes "No gateway reply"

    Do u have a soulution to my problem or a wap gateway software???


    Ahmed Kamel


    Saturday, June 10, 2006 1:06 PM