Moving the expired list items in to record center


  • Hi all, 
            we have developed a site which has more than 100 lists and every list have a column called expiration date.Once a document has reached its expiration date i want to move the items in to a record center.How to do it ? Any best approach...

    - Gopi Ramaya
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  • Hi,
    you need to write a custom workflow which will move content to record center. Once you deployed the workflow you need to set up to call this workflow on content expiration. For this you need to set your custom column to be part of content expiration. For this go to your list settings and then "Information Management Policy" and the select define a policy. Then select the "Enable expiration" which will ask you to set which filed will be used for content expiration. You need to select the column you want to use for content expiration.

    As soon you attach your workflow with content expiration the SharePoint will invoke the workflow automatically when the content will expire based on your expiration date.

    Sohel Rana
    Thursday, December 10, 2009 9:35 AM