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  • Hi, trying to create a UI Map for a webpage that has one button (hyperlink).  Here's what I'm doing:

    1.  Open Test Builder

    2. Use crosshairs to select the button (hyperlink)

    3.  Add control to the map.

    The test builder adds the button and three levels above it.  However, in UISpy, I see five levels above it.  

    This is the Test Builder heirarchy (Class Name, Control Type):

    IE Frame,Window (tlw) > HTMLBody, Document > HTMLTag.section,Custom > HTMLHyperlink, Hyperlink

    This is the UISpy hierarchy (Class Name, Control Type):

    IE Frame,Window > Frame Tab, Pane > Tab Window, Pane > Shell Doc Object View, Pane > Internet Explorer_Server, Pane > ' ', Hyperlink

    So my question is, why doesn't Test Builder record the same heirarchy as seen in  UI Spy?  I have tried using the crosshairs and the up/down/right/left arrows in Test Builder to find these extra levels (the FrameTab,Pane and Tab Window,Pane) but Test Builder can't find any control with Control Type = Pane.  It does add all the browser and Windows menu bars, and will then start adding duplicate controls of type "Client".

    This has to be related to FP2 editor being unable to find the top level window immediately after recording it, with only four controls in the map.

    I hope someone has an explanation for this and it is something I am doing wrong,  because if not, seems something is wrong with the tool?.



    Joe Minnehan

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  • The UISpy tool is an individual tool do not relationship with Test Framework directly, Coded UI Test Framework has a special set of class would mapped with real controls you could find this in a test project, in other word, the same control maybe has two different display names in the hierarchy of Coded UI Test Builder and UISpy.

    Also the coded UI Test Builder would not capture all the elements in the hierarchy of a UIObject, it all depends on if the control’s properties could make up a unique search condition for playback execution.

    Here is a blog from Visual Studio Team Test which has explained for  hierarchy (please notice ‘QueryID’ section):

    Tony Xiao [MSFT]
    MSDN Community Support | Feedback to us

    Wednesday, March 07, 2012 11:23 AM