What power scheme/state do I need to have my computer in so that it can host my website effectively? RRS feed

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    I am running a website on my computer at home with IIS 7.5 and on the Windows 7 Ultimate operating system. My computer goes into some kind of sleep/hibernate state quite frequently(like after 30 minutes I think). When it's in this state I can't connect to the website. What power scheme/settings should I be using? Is there a scheme that wakes up the computer when an incoming HTTP Request is received? Or I do just need to bite the bullet on energy savings and keep this computer awake full time?

    My website is like a newborn baby. Up and running but no real users to speak of for now but I wanna have this situation figured out going forward. Thanks for all comments.

    Tuesday, April 9, 2013 9:08 PM

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    any server should be set to always on

    If you have paid for buisness class, disregard this advice. From a practical standpoint, I hope your ISP is ok with this, as it could likely violate TOS, not to mention your IP is likely tagged as dynamic (thus completly preventing any email it wants to send from ever being delivered) and if you map your IP to a domain name, your ISP is likely to find out.  ISPs periodicly port scan and can/will send emails asking what's up if they see a server service running.

    I don't know who your isp is but take a look:



    Tuesday, April 9, 2013 9:19 PM
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    My ISP is TimeWarner RoadRunner. I don't think they're going complain right now about my IP being mapped to a domain name since my website has zero users right now. At the point in which my user bandwidth becomes a problem I will gladly remedy the situation. But until that time I have no reason to modify my current setup. Also, my website is not video based so even if I had a 100 users logged in at one time the bandwidth activity would probably still be negligible. 

    When I am downloading games off Steam at 1.5Mbps my ISP has never complained either. 

    So in summary, I think you may be over exaggerating my ISPs concern about my little ole website. And if TimeWarner does ever start to complain. I got an alternative to them since I live in Kansas City, MO. And that is Google fiber. I don't think my ISP will be complaining too much.

    Wednesday, April 10, 2013 8:11 AM