ora-01036: illegal Variable name / number


  • if any faced the same issue / have solution for this .... please throw some light

    I modified the record group query, earlier it was taking from the parameter , nw hard corded the value , but errored with ORA-01036 illegal varia.......

    SELECT cii.instance_number asset_number,
              cii.instance_description description,
              cii.serial_number serial_number,
              mea.c_attribute1 as item_code
    FROM csi.csi_item_instances cii,
              apps.mtl_eam_asset_attr_values_v mea,
              org_organization_definitions org,
              hr_operating_units hou
    WHERE org.organization_id =nvl(cii.last_vld_organization_id,cii.inv_master_organization_id)
    AND org.operating_unit = hou.organization_id
    AND upper(mea.attribute_category) in ('FINANCIAL DETAILS')
    AND cii.instance_number = mea.instance_number
    AND hou.organization_id = 20 AND cii.instance_number NOT IN
                (SELECT pal.cc_number
                 FROM xxgl_depl_plant_asset_lines pal
                 WHERE pal.org_id =  20   
                 AND pal.cc_number IS NOT NULL     
                 AND pal.cc_number||pal.requisition_line_id NOT IN
                              (SELECT cc_number||requisition_line_id
                FROM xxgl_tf_receipt_line
                WHERE org_id =  20                            AND substr(tf_number,1,1) ='R'
                 AND tf_flag = 'Y'
                 AND cc_number is not null)) 
     AND mea.c_attribute1 = :xxgl_depl_plant_asset_lines.service_req_code ORDER BY asset_number

    Wednesday, March 09, 2011 5:18 AM

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