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  • I am facing the same error in SSRS 2008 r2..i have a couple table in hidden mode  which will dump data in hash table..becoz of hidden table the collection hash table is empty. and i am not able to get hash table data to show in another table which is visible.can you help me if you get any solution on this..

    How you have solved this scenario.? please help me on this

    Tuesday, October 31, 2017 7:41 PM

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  • Hi NaveenKN,

    How does your report design look like? e.g. the hidden table, the hash table, the dataset you are using and so on. Please provide relative screenshots and design structures. 

    Also, how does the hidden mode table dump data in hash table? If you want to put data in the hash table, is it possible to create another dataset  and add the field into the hash table? You could insert the corresponding fields into the table so that the data can be visible. 



    Wednesday, November 1, 2017 3:10 AM
  • Hi Henry,

    I will explain you clearly

    In report properties, i have written a code for adding the values a function named AddTotal(key,value)  in the hash table based on key w.r.t to value. and to display function showTotal(key) is called.

    If hashtable has record it will add to the previous value for the same key . if not it creates anew record in the hash table

    Table1(Hidden on Report): 'ABC' data set --> Here i will call AddTotal(a,0) function which will call 

    Table2(Hidden on Report): 'XYZ' data set --> Here i will call AddTotal(b,0) function which will call 

    Table3(Hidden on Report): 'PQR' data set --> Here i will call AddTotal(b,0) function which will call 

    Table4(Main table visible in UI) --> Here i will call showTotal(b) function to display the data.

    As Table1,Table2,Table3 are in hidden mode..its not loading data in hash table.. so when i am trying to fetch the data in Table4 its showing empty..

    These reports are working fine in SSRS 2005 but problem with SSRS 2008 R2.

    I have tested with basic samples..I see the hidden tables on the report will not be loaded to do any operation in SSRS 2008 R2..  Please let me know you some more details to solve this problem

    Thursday, November 2, 2017 9:17 PM
  • Hi NaveenKN,

    If the table1, 2, 3 are not in the hidden mode, can the data in table 4 be displayed? Also, how did you set the table 1,2,3 as "hidden mode"? And the purpose of your design is to call the data from the previous 3 tables into table 4? 

    If you want to display data from hash table in table 4, is it possible to bind table 4 with hash table dataset directly? 

    Best Regards,


    Monday, November 13, 2017 2:43 AM