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  • Hello,


    We are migrating our VB6 App (ADO 2.8) to NET. Know we want to do the following with Linq2SQL:


    We have Stored Procedures for SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and RESYNC to manipulate

    the table data.


    SELECT_Tablename -> Selects data from the Table (dynamic SQL in the SP)
    UPDATE_Tablename -> Updates the Table

    INSERT_Tablename -> Inserts new Data

    DELETE_Tablename -> Deletes a row

    RESYNC_Tabelname -> Selects the current row


    In the old ADO 2.8 we use the Resync Method the refresh (with calling the RESYNC stored procedure) the current row (Datagrid) after an Update was made to the the database with the Update Stored procedures to reflect the changes which were made in the database throught Triggers or to reflect the changes in columns with DEFAULT values and also to get the new TIMESTAMP value.


    • How to "Resync" or Refresh the current row with LINQ2SQL?
    • Is is possible to make an Update/Delete automatically without using SubmitChanges?
      (If I move to a differnt row Linq2SQL sould save changes to the db througt the Stored Procedures)

    regards Robert

    Tuesday, December 9, 2008 5:11 PM