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  • Hello,

    in my application I use .asmx-Webservices and I have sometimes problems with the performance, when I call a service. Are WCF-Services faster or are they called faster from a silverlight application?

    I call my .asmx-Services everytime in this way:


    PersonProxy.PersonServiceSoapClient personproxy;
    personproxy = new PersonServiceSoapClient("PersonServiceSoap", Globals.WebRootPath + @"Services/Persons/PersonService.asmx");
    personproxy.GetPersonsCompleted += new EventHandler<GetPersonsCompletedEventArgs>(personproxy_GetPersonsCompleted);


    Can I use the same procedure for a wcf-service or what I must observe to publish and call a wcf-service? Because I create a wcf-service and call it like the code above and in visual studio it works and when I publish it to the IIS to the folder "inetpub", then I get an error, when I call the service.


    Thank you in advance!



    Sunday, February 14, 2010 8:19 AM

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