WsdlImporter encountered unrecognized policy assertions in ServiceDescription RRS feed

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  • New to WCF, when i added a third party service reference in visual studio 2010 for C# in .net it put the following into the app.config:

    <binding name="ManageAccountsSoapBinding">
    <!--    WsdlImporter encountered unrecognized policy assertions in ServiceDescription 'http://thirdpartycompany/manageaccounts':    -->
    <!--    <wsdl:binding name='ManageAccountsSoapBinding'>    -->
    <!--        <awc:hashKey xmlns:awc="httx://">..</awc:hashKey>    -->
    <!--        <sp:SignedParts xmlns:sp="httx://">..</sp:SignedParts>    -->
    <!--        <sp:EncryptedParts xmlns:sp="httx://">..</sp:EncryptedParts>    -->
    <!--        <sp:SignedParts xmlns:sp="httx://">..</sp:SignedParts>    -->
    <!--        <sp:EncryptedParts xmlns:sp="httx://">..</sp:EncryptedParts>    -->
    <!--The wsdl schema that was used to create this configuration file contained a 'RequireIssuerSerialReference' assertion for a X509Token.  This can not be represented in configuration, you will need to programatically adjust the appropriate X509SecurityTokenParameters.X509KeyIdentifierClauseType to X509KeyIdentifierClauseType.IssuerSerial.  The default of X509KeyIdentifierClauseType.Thumbprint will be used, which may cause interop issues.-->

    The question is should i be concerned about the messages or is it ok to ignore these messages?  I did handle the X509 token in code and set the type to X509KeyIdentifierClauseType.IssuerSerial as the last line suggested

    Note i put the http to httx so that it would let me post here.

    Monday, June 10, 2013 7:08 PM