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  • Hello driver experts,

    updated question :

    simplified version -- 

    in windows 8

    this is clear 

    keyboard h/w -> hidusb.sys -> KBDHID.sys -> KBDClass.sys -> optional filter driver -> win32k.sys

    but what is not clear is

    touchscreen h/w -> hidusb.sys -> ???.sys -> ???.sys -> ??? optional filter driver -> win32k.sys

    original Q:

    Since i have an upcoming DD for a new touchscreen device/monitor, for windows 8.1, I am trying to understand  the touch device/driver architecture. Though i could find lot of materials including this, I couldn't find a single block diagram that elegantly portraits the HID stack that is built after a touch/monitor is attached to USB. For mouse and KBD, it is clearly available as shown in , but not for touch device

    Specifically i would like to know the name of the touchscreen class driver ( the counterpart for KBDClass.sys and MouClass.sys ) and the tree level it occupies in the stack,  as a picture, similar to as shown here

    P.S. our device firmware is 100% HID touch compatible ( no vendor mini drivers needed ) as per



    Sunday, November 5, 2017 5:26 AM