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  • I would like to create a custom app in HTML that uses the "Tile" control but I would like it to function the way live tiles do in windows eight. Specifically I would like it to consume a desktop lightswitch O-data table and make the tile for a specific customer flash when the system time is the same as a time variable in the entity the app connects to and then I want it to rotate between an alert message string and the time that triggered the tile to flash. Is this possible with VS 2013?

    Also can I access mobile device methods to trigger an elert or vibration if on silent.

    Then I may also want to actually use a count then an if statement so that if the count of the time variabel is greater than or equal to one that is should trigger one alert preventign it from alerting multiple times for the same time. this would create a sigle tile for may customers in the entity triggering the tile.

    clicking on the tile should query or bring up a table listing the names of those customers who all or one triggered the alert untill someone selects a button or form control to end the alert.

    this would be a great use for many apps on windows phones that are capable of live tiles and create a partnership between my applications and windows devices as a selling point.

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  • I guess after thinking it through I want to make a screen with a single tile for products were products in this case are the products for all customers. I also have several separate entities (tables) that each function like product tables within the application. Imagine a Customer with products1(medications), Products2(Labs), Products3(diagnosis). Then imagine an employee wanting a social feed for each entity in the live tile like discussed in my first post. The Emplyoyee's live tile would update and send and alertSound/vibration/flashingTile each time an alert posted but only once for things like medications when multiple customers triggered say the medication time for that product.
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