High latency, audio stuttering. RRS feed

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  • I've used the windows performance kit to find out what is causing my issue however it doesn't give me anything solid.
    And i'm not really sure how to use the software, since it seems different to tutorials I've found on the internet.

    I've had this high DPC issue for quite a while and i've been unable to solve it, i originally thought it was network to which i got a new network card which changed nothing.
    All my drivers are upto date, i tried multiple versions of the drivers also.
    I have a feeling it has something to do with the onboard sound, however i do not want to waste more money buying a sound card.

    I can provide a log from windows performance kit if needed.

    The sound issues are most apparent while browsing the web mostly using google chrome, however it does do it on large websites on other browsers also. 
    During the period it feels like my pc is under heavy load, however it's only using like 5-10% cpu.

    I do sometimes get mouse lag also, however this is rare. 

    The top 3 drivers that cause high dpc is, usbport.sys, ndis.sys and netio.sys.

    EDIT: Also it only starts to happen after the pc has been on for over a day, after a restart it's normally fine again for a while. My pc temps are low, 15-16c idle, 32c Load on cpu,
    gpu is 31-36c idle, 50-60c load. 
    I've done memory tests, i am not overclocking any of my hardware either.

    Link to Image.
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