Automatically configure multiple touch screens - Assign Pointer device to monitor RRS feed

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  • My customer is developing a hardware solution with two touch screens. Windows 10 (later Windows 10 IoT) will run on the system. Currently when we attach an additional touch-screen, tipping the screen always results in the action being diverted to the main monitor. This can of course be fixed by manually going through the Tablet PC Calibration settings in the control panel.

    But my customer wants this to be solved programatically either when the application starts or when the driver is loaded. i.e. we want to assign the touch device associated with a particular USB device (vend ID, dev. ID ...) to a particular monitor (maybe using the monitor name received from GetMonitorInfo() )

    For instance I have found the GetPointerDevice() API call where the POINTER_DEVICE_INFO structure returned displays the monitor to which the pointer device is mapped, but I haven't found the reverse call; how to map a pointer to a particular monitor. My assumption is that you have to assign an y/y offset to the pointer on the attached screen (or some such thing) but I haven't been able to turn up the solution in the API docs yet.

    Can this be done? Could you sketch which API calls, sub-libraries etc. I could use to emulate the Tablet configuration in SW? Or is it easier to do all this in an *.inf file when the driver is loaded?

    Saturday, April 29, 2017 10:19 AM

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