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  • Hello.

    I am trying to complete an integration between CALL TRACKING METRICS and BING ADS.

    This is a known partner for Bing (there is an announcement for BING about CALL TRACKING METRICS and API online).

    I have done everything I think I need to do on the CallTrackingMetrics end:
    * I applied for a developer token
    * I entered the developer token on CTMs site
    * I specified the GOAL NAME I would use in Bing Ads

    And I have set up a GOAL on BING ADS:
    * I set up a new goal
    * I specified it would be an OFFLINE CONV (Not certain this is correct)
    * I gave it the same name I specified in CTMs website

    * How do I know it's working?
    * At no point did BING ask for the anything about CTM
    * I did get a confirmation from saying that the "APP" CTM had been granted access to my account
    * How does Bing capture the data and translate it into a GOAL I can use in reporting/optimization??

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Wednesday, April 17, 2019 9:20 PM

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  • Hello.

    CallTrackingMetrics is a 3rd party call tracking provider that have integrated with our offline conversion API that enables you to import call tracking data from their platform to Bing Ads. 

    Here is their documentation for the setup:

    If you have questions after reviewing their documentation and completing all necessary steps, then I suggest reaching out to the CallTrackingMetrics support team for further assistance. 

    For more details about offline conversions with Bing Ads please see the UI help docs:

    Best regards,

    Monday, April 22, 2019 7:19 PM