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  • I'm using Expression Web 4.0 (free from Microsoft).  I'm replacing the way I've worked with websites with FrontPage 2003 for many years. However, I would like to learn quicker how to use it and wondered if anyone has suggestions for good ways to pick up learning the program without any great deal of money: whether it be videos, books, online tutorial, and anything you great folks can do for me to help me along. Secondly, any great places for TEMPLATES outside the few offered in the program would be helpful. THANKS!!

    Sunday, February 9, 2014 10:08 PM

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  • Read the Forum FAQ (as one should always do before posting to any forum); in there is a list of Learning Resources. The 3 to start with are (the tutorial is for EW2, but there are few real differences except for menu locations (e.e. opening the site is now on the Site menu, not File). Watch it, then download the assets, then go through it again while you work along.

    If you don't know HTML and CSS (which are a MUST for using EW), take the tutorials at w3schools.

    Templates are a crapshoot--mostly crap. What, exactly, is wrong with the ones in EW? They are web-standard layouts with all the layout set up for you. Change colors, widths, etc in the style sheets and you're set. The only thing we advise against is following their page/folder setup; it's usually more cumbersome than new users and small sites need. just put all your pages in the root of the site and all your other stuff in the appropriate folders and you'll be golden.

    For books, Jim Cheshire (an MS staffer) has written a book on EW that many people speak highly of.

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    Sunday, February 9, 2014 10:19 PM
  • Jerry, EW is a professional development tool, unlike FrontPage, any version. And unlike FP, you are expected to learn HTML and CSS to use EW effectively. MS wrote a white paper for those migrating from FP to EW, available at Prerequisites for Using Microsoft Expression Web. That will give you an idea of the differences, and of what is the minimum expected of those migrating.

    In addition to the resources shown there, you can also check out the Learning Resources and Reference Sites section of the Forum FAQs and Guidelines - Start Here. There are many free resources listed there which will help bring you up to speed, and Cheryl's "Build a Basic Web Site" video tutorial, at will also help you learn both while also showing how to use EW's visual interface to implement them. It is not a matter of learning the program, like FP, but of learning the principles of the markup languages the program is designed to manipulate. Good luck! ;-)


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    Sunday, February 9, 2014 10:20 PM