Export to Excel issue with WebForms ReportViewer 11 RRS feed

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  • I am using the ReportViewer 11 in my ASP.NET application which uses Windows authentication and we use a service account to access SQL Server so all registered users of our internal website are impersonated to go through this identity account.  The ReportViewer ProcessingMode is set to Remote.  The application and ReportManager are on different servers. 

    When all users access reports, the reports get generated and embeded in the aspx page just fine. 

    When all users try to export to Word, PDF, XML, CVS the export works just fine. 

    The issue is with exporting to Excel, there are a few users that if they don’t already have Excel open, they receive an error that the page can’t be displayed.  The new browser window gets launched for the export process but once it tries to launch Excel, then they get the Internet Explorer message “This page can’t be displayed” (IE is the only web browser our company allows us to use).  This is for any report, not just 1 or 2. 

    Most users have no issue exporting to Excel. 

    If the users with the issue open Excel first then try to export, they have no issue exporting to excel, it’s only when they don’t already have Excel open. 

    Also when the users with the issue go directly to the ReportManager and export to Excel from there they have no issue.

    I have ExportContentDisposition set to AlwaysInline – but if this was part of the issue then I would think no one would be able to export to Excel.

    All users have the same Windows (7), IE (11) & Excel (2010) versions.  The only difference is so far we think the users that can export to Excel have Admin rights on their machines and the ones that don’t have Admin rights are the ones with the issue but only if Excel is not already open – but I’m still trying to get clarification from more users.

    I can't recreate the exact issue because I don't have the issue, but I can't make that same error message appear by attempting to export to excel, and then waiting about 30 seconds before clicking Open – then it appears to lose its temporary session.  But that’s not what these users are doing, their immediately trying to open the excel report.

    I’ve spent hours researching this but no solution applies to my unique situation.  Does anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks for your help.

    Thursday, November 19, 2015 7:08 PM