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    Sorry if this is a dup, tried searching for an existing question but the site continually reported "Site is currently down for maintenance".

    Anyway my question is how to specify a route may takes in variable number of parameters and use attribute routing for Web API 2.0?

    Example, i have a hamburger shop which allows customers to place orders by submitting an order by hitting a URLs. The only requirement, at least 1 ingredient must be specified.  After that as many ingredients may be specified and in my real api the set of param values are from a set of 40000 or more  items.  So for these would be two valid orders requests:


    The best i could find for some sample, but didn't work (assuming c#):

    [Route( "api/Hamburger/{*options}")]
    public void OrderHamburger( ??? ) {...}

    Not sure what to use for the method's arguments. At first it felt like i should use "params string[] options", this failed, searching more found RoutingCollection.  But stepping into with a debugger the value for options is null.  Later i thought how about regex like ".../{options:regex((\w)+)}" -- assuming "(\w)+"  is group of words that may occur 1 to 'x' times.  No matter what i've attempted debugging in the variable for "options" is always null .

    Any suggestions how i can go about this?   Thanks in advance.

    Saturday, May 16, 2015 4:05 AM


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