Profile Container error when logging in RRS feed

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  • Hello guys,

    Out customer has been having a problem for a few weeks, now me and a coworker are troubleshooting the problem. We have about 400 concurrent users on Windows Server 2016 (fully patched) with XenApp 7.15 LTSR and FSLogix version 2.8.6862.41985. We have implemented FSLogix Profile and O365 containers.

    Now some users (2-4) a day are experiencing the following problems.

    1. When the loggin everything seems fine but when they start Outlook the get an OST error. 

    2. When working in Outlook the program will freeze and become unresponsive, they close Outlook en when they start it again they get the same OST error.

    We have located it in de Profile Container, rebuilding a new one solves the problem. We even went deeper and creating a new Outlook profile also solves the problem.

    When looking into the logon (problem 1), my gut says when solving one the other will also be solved. We have been looking into the logging C:\ProgramData\FSLogix\Logs\Profile and found problems with TEMP directories and renaming to TEMP.original.

    Thursday, January 30, 2020 9:39 AM

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  • FSLogix Profile logging

    [2020-01-30 08:21:24.483][pid:0d7c][tid:4528] [INFO :0x00000000]    Security looks good
    [2020-01-30 08:21:24.483][pid:0d7c][tid:4528] [INFO :0x00000000]    Added redirection C:\Users\5280.FSL0 -> \\?\Volume{116cef54-2804-4994-aafc-cdb8f9635a95}\Profile
    [2020-01-30 08:21:24.483][pid:0d7c][tid:4528] [INFO :0x00000000]    Create mount point success
    [2020-01-30 08:21:24.557][pid:0d7c][tid:2e14]                          =====   Begin: Profile Directory Changed: S-1-5-21-21-1475254220-6790   =====
    [2020-01-30 08:21:24.557][pid:0d7c][tid:2e14] [INFO :0x00000000]       New Profile Directory: C:\Users\TEMP
    [2020-01-30 08:21:24.559][pid:0d7c][tid:2e14]                          =====   End: Profile Directory Changed:S-1-5-21-21-1475254220-6790   =====
    [2020-01-30 08:21:24.570][pid:0d7c][tid:4528] [INFO :0x00000000]    Import Profile Registry success
    [2020-01-30 08:21:24.570][pid:0d7c][tid:4528] [INFO :0x00000000]    Checking to see if cleanup necessary
    [2020-01-30 08:21:24.571][pid:0d7c][tid:4528] [INFO :0x00000000]    Renaming existing profile folder to C:\Users\TEMP.original
    [2020-01-30 08:21:24.573][pid:0d7c][tid:4528] [INFO :0x00000000]    Removing junction: C:\Users\5280.FSL0.  Adding junction C:\Users\TEMP.
    [2020-01-30 08:21:24.582][pid:0d7c][tid:4528] [INFO :0x00000000]    Removed redirection from C:\Users\5280.FSL0
    [2020-01-30 08:21:24.583][pid:0d7c][tid:4528] [ERROR:0x800702ba]    AddRedirection (Error: 2147943098 / {Object Exists} An attempt was made to create an object and the object name already existed. )
    [2020-01-30 08:21:24.583][pid:0d7c][tid:4528] [INFO :0x00000000]    Status set to 19: Cannot setup directory mount point
    [2020-01-30 08:21:24.583][pid:0d7c][tid:4528] [INFO :0x00000000]    Error set to -2147024198
    [2020-01-30 08:21:24.584][pid:0d7c][tid:4528] [INFO :0x00000000]    Error. Cleaning up.
    [2020-01-30 08:21:24.585][pid:0d7c][tid:4528] [INFO :0x00000000]    Detaching VHD/X
    [2020-01-30 08:21:24.697][pid:0d7c][tid:4528] [INFO :0x00000000]    VHD/X detached
    [2020-01-30 08:21:24.708][pid:0d7c][tid:4528] [ERROR:0x0000001f]    LoadProfile failed.  User: 5280. SID:  S-1-5-21-21-1475254220-6790. (Error: 31 / A device attached to the system is not functioning. )
    [2020-01-30 08:21:24.708][pid:0d7c][tid:4528] [INFO :0x00000000]    loadProfile time: 1422 milliseconds

    Thursday, January 30, 2020 10:10 AM