Things Pop Behind IE10

    General discussion

  • On the Aero Desktop, I found that under some conditions pop-up messages tended to pop up behind the current application.  The Taskbar button for these pop-ups flashes yellow, but under some conditions it's easy to miss this.


    I know this is a problem commonly complained-about with Windows 7.  I really, REALLY think Microsoft needs to "re-imagine" how applications will pop-up in Windows 8. 


    You probably can't create a single scheme that will please all the people all the time, so what *I* imagine is that you need to create some options - possibly application-specific (e.g., I might ALWAYS want things like application installers to pop in front of IE10, but never want applications to pop in front of Microsoft Word while I'm typing).



    Saturday, September 17, 2011 1:49 PM