[E2010][EWSMA][C#][Windows]: How can I get Resources and/or full Attendees collection RRS feed

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  • Exchange Version:   Update Rollup 2 for Exchange Server 2010 SP2, ProductVersion 14.02.0298.004
    API Name: Exchange Web Services Managed API
    API Version: Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.dll
    IDE: Visual Studio 2010

    We've run into a situation where we can't see all the invitees of a meeting on a MeetingRequest object.  Here's the scenario:

    We create a meeting in someone's calendar, in which we invite one person and two room resources.
    The MeetingRequest is sent to all the invitees, and also to an account that has been designated as a delegate for the two room resources.
    Our C# code retrieves the MeetingRequest from the inbox of the delegate account.
    We then examine the RequiredAttendees and Resources collections of the MeetingRequest object.

    For our current project, when we get this MeetingRequest from the delegate inbox, we need to obtain the list of all room resources that have been invited to the meeting.

    We have found that the Resources collection is always empty, and also that the RequiredAttendees collection contains only one of the two room resources invited to the meeting (although it contains both of the people who are invited).

    It's not important to us whether we get the room resources from the Resources collection, or from RequiredAttendees; we just need them.  Does anyone have any insight into why the MeetingRequest object is missing this info?

    One thing we've tried already is to retrieve the Appointment object (using the ICalUID from the MeetingRequest), but we found it to be just as lacking as the MeetingRequest.  Its Resources collection was empty and its RequiredAttendees collection only showed one of the two rooms.

    Thanks for your help.

    Monday, July 8, 2013 1:44 PM

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