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  • I've seen several topics about Kinect controlled Avatars in Unity, so I'll bring to your attention our RUIS toolkit which is intended for creating virtual reality applications and can be used to animate 3D avatars:

    In 2013 we used our toolkit and Kinect v1 to animate the character in this demo:

    For Kinect v2 avatars our toolkit includes the following useful features:
    - Bones can automatically obtain rotation and scale from Kinect, so that avatar joint positions match what Kinect sees
    - Bone rotations can be filtered (currently joints between torso and hands only)
    - Angular velocity for bone rotations can be capped, making the avatar more stable but less responsive
    - Fingers can be set to curl when Kinect v2 detects that you are making a fist
    - Avatar root position can be scaled, so that your movement is amplified and covers a larger area
    - The avatar can also be controlled with keyboard/gamepad, in which case its leg pose is blended with walking animation
    - You can create your own scripts to blend custom Mecanim animations into the Kinect animated avatar's individual limbs
    - You can use fist gesture to grab objects

    If you download RUIS toolkit, you can get quickly started by opening the example scene in \RUISunity\Assets\RUIS\Examples\KinectTwoPlayers

    The above example includes Constructor model from Unity standard assets. If you want to replace that model with your own, you need to parent your rig under the MecanimBlendedCharacter gameObject, and move all the scripts and components from Constructor gameObject to your rig, and relink the joint transforms. For details, see the last paragraph from "Oculus Rift with Kinect, PS Move, and Razer Hydra" section of our readme:

    Please note that currently the main "modules" of RUIS (RUISInputManager and RUISDisplayManager) are coupled, and if you animate your Kinect avatars with RUIS, you also need to use the display management of RUIS, replacing your scene camera with RUISCamera prefab that you link to RUISDisplay. See the readme for details.

    I hope that some of you find our toolkit useful.

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