how doable would be this morphing program? RRS feed


  • Nice.

    How does this have to Small Basic?



    Microsoft Small Basic is a simplified variant of the BASIC programming language introduced by Microsoft in October 2008. With a bare minimum of concepts, Microsoft accredits this as an easy programming language for beginners to grasp. The language itself has only 14 keywords,<sup id="cite_ref-0" class="reference" style="line-height: 1em;">[1]</sup> and the environment is beginner-friendly, with a straightforward interface. Small Basic Version 1.0 (12 June 2011)<sup id="cite_ref-1" class="reference" style="line-height: 1em;">[2]</sup> was released with an updated Microsoft MSDN website that included several new Small Basic guides for beginners through a partnership with ComputerScienceForKids.com. The published Small Basic guides include a complete Developer's Reference Guide, a Beginning Small Basic tutorial, and a republished classic programming book by David H. Ahl.<sup id="cite_ref-2" class="reference" style="line-height: 1em;">[3]</sup>

    Microsoft Small Basic was designed by Microsoft DevLabs and released as a Technology Preview<sup id="cite_ref-3" class="reference" style="line-height: 1em;">[4]</sup> in October 2008. Its intended audience is anyone looking to begin programming, including children and beginner adults as well.


    Thursday, December 22, 2011 3:12 PM