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  • I have asked this question before, but no one seems to answer. I understand that MSRS can connect through a Bletooth connection. However, is it possible to connect WITHOUT a Bluetooth module? Right now I do not have the money for that nor am I sure I will use it on my robot. My intention is to use an ITX motherboard on my robot, but I want to be able to connect to the Basic Stamp that the Boe Bot has on it and control some of my functions with it and MSRS. I have tried to use Lab 1 and get it going but that does not work. MSRS connects, but does nothing.

    Another question I have is this: I am running MSRS Express 2008. Are the downloads that are available limited in the Parallax files available? MSRS does not show all of them, and the one that is in the book written by Sara Morgan shows a parallax.boebot.drive.manifest.xml file, but it does not come up in my list of manifests. 

    I really need help with this, as I am getting frustrated not being able to get it going.
    Andy North
    Saturday, June 6, 2009 9:41 PM


  • Yes, you can use a serial port. A Bluetooth connection is just a virtual serial port anyway.

    Do you have the services for the Boe-Bot from http://www.promrds.com

    The firmware is written to use the EB500 board, so it probably will not work with the serial port but the modification should be minor. You will have to use PBASIC to make the changes and upload the new firmware to the Boe-Bot.


    Tuesday, June 9, 2009 5:01 PM