Win8 feature request: Touch-friendly classic apps RRS feed

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  • I'm finding myself dropping into classic desktop mode in Windows 8 quite often. Since this is a reality for many people, I'd like to see the classic apps become more touch friendly.

    Some suggestions:

    • Larger Maximize/Minimize buttons
    • Explorer needs larger icons above the ribbon, and a larger expand/contract ribbon icon. Or perhaps more space between to make it difficult to touch the wrong item. (I'd like to see this in all ribbon apps if possible.)
    • Larger/more spaced-out Notification Area icons
    • Desktop IE 10 needs larger icons all around, particularly refresh and settings
    • Larger text links in classic Control Panel, or more space between links
    • Larger menu bar items, wherever possible (particularly with any stock applications)

    Just a few I could think up.

    One more thing... better consistency where possible. Such as, desktop IE 10 has a new style scrollbar, but Windows Explorer does not.

    But overall, I think Microsoft has created a great product with tons of potential, and it is fairly polished even as it stands today.

    Sunday, September 18, 2011 4:21 AM