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  • We are currently planning to deploy a High Availability environment for 25 and could scale up to 300 users in this environment

    1.)    The High availability environment in Azure, does this mean it is a only mirroring environment or it contains both load balancer & mirroring environment.

    For e.g.: If I have a max peak user of 25 users, LCS Suggests 4 AOS Server VMs. Does this indicate 2 Load Balanced AOS Instances with Mirroring = 2+2 instances?

    2.)    In future if I want to upgrade the number of users, how can we scale the existing environment, Can we do this easily via LCS or do we need to deploy a different environment once again, transfer the DB Back up etc.,

    3.)    If I want to scale up the AOS Server, how do I add an additional availability set for the AOS Server? Let’s say for example, in our current set up, system suggests to create 4 VMs for the AOS Servers. For the 300 user peak capacity, the suggestion is to create 6 VMs for the AOS Server, so how to achieve this at a later stage during the Project life cycle

    Tuesday, February 9, 2016 3:27 AM