Clarification required for some license and trial conversion issues for Windows Store App


  • Let's say I am a consumer and I buy the app.

    • Is the app installed with a fully active license? Same applies to trial, if I try, is the app installed with a trial license immediately? (Related to next question)
    • If the user launches the app without a network connection and I handle the exceptions thrown from CurrentApp::LoadListingInformationAsync() gracefully, does the license still get updated to the correct status? Does the OS use the license which was installed with the app (as asked above) so that I can correctly query whether the app is in trial or active state? Otherwise do I need to assume the app is in trial state etc?
    • In a live application, if I call CurrentApp::RequestAppPurchaseAsync(false) it brings up a purchase confirmation Window. If the user hits buy does this Window close? Does our application need to halt to display a "purchase in progress" indicator or does the Window stay open until the purchase is complete (assuming there will be a network delay etc)? Is it expected to allow them to keep going in trial mode while the purchase is going through or should we make them wait until the purchase either completes or fails?
    Thursday, November 8, 2012 1:04 AM