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  • Hi,

    My application is IE only supported application with lot of javascript code. 

    I get the below error when I click a link on the left frame to populate a search screen frame on the right, it just shows a blank screen on the right side frame. When I look at F12 tool, I see the below error message

    Browser Error http://myserver/appname/combined.js.package.h Code: 0: Failed

    at eval(tabId).objTab=objTab;} 

    This is the last line of the function addTab

    I dont see much useful information to debug whether the value of the objects are assigned correct. This is on IE 11 with compatible mode enabled. 

    How do I find out the cause for this. Is there any other way to narrow down the issue. thanks. 

    Tuesday, February 9, 2016 4:15 AM


  • Hi,

    f12>Debug tab, select "Break on all exceptions" from the dropdown list (blue stop sign icon).....


    locate the line number in combined.js.package.h (?) in the debug window (there is a search box on the top rhs of the Debug tab) and place a breakpoint at that line (double click in the rhs gutter at the line number where the error is occurring.... you should see a red circle appear in the gutter of the Debug tab at that line).

    return to your web page (without closing the dev tools) and either refresh the page or follow your test plan that will invoke the error.

    the browser should break execution at the breakpoint or the error line number.... and focus back on the Dev tools' Debug tab..... on the rhs of the Debug tab you will see a pane containing a listing of local varibles and the call stack... double click on an item to expand its property/values tree...


    switch to the Console tab of dev tools and type in the object keys (names) and press enter to expand the Object Model tree for that 'object'.... eg. typing window in the console tab, will display a listing (object array) of all keys of the window object


    find the website of the Framework vendor for combined.js.package.h and enqure in their support forums if there is a known issue or if the is an update patch for their software

    At the top of these forums there are links to the MSDN documentation which did have instructions for using the IE dev tool, but it is currently being updated for MS Edge and Windows 10....

    You may like to browser the search results for the following web search instead.



    Wednesday, February 10, 2016 12:00 AM